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Guide to Use Schema Markup for SEO: Best Tips for SEO 2021

Schema markup is structured data vocabulary to better explain the data on your website to search engines so that you can achieve rich results. In addition, these bookmarks allow search engines to see how the entities referenced on your site mean and relate. That is why schema markup has become a hot SEO topic.

Rich Snippets have been demonstrated to boost organic search results by clicking. In this article, we are going to learn how important is schema markup for SEO and how to use schema markup for seo. We will also look out for some schema markup benefits and its types. So scroll down to find all the details. 

schema markup for seo

Top Schema Markups Types

The vocabulary contains organizing formats for data around people, locations and stuff on the Internet.

Schema Markups are usually used to indicate:

  • Events
  • Articles
  • People
  • Products
  • Local Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Recipes
  • Reviews
  • Medical conditions

They allow a search engine to comprehend what your site means once you apply these markups to your site. This information can then be shown via Rich Snippets by the search engine.

For instance, the outcome is a schema markup page for Events – we can see dates and locations of different events that have been marked correctly.

What are Microdata, JSON-LD, and RDFa?

These are all code languages that can be added to HTML in a web document in order to incorporate metadata (for instance, a schema).

RDFa means the descriptive attribute resource framework. The code can be added in any HTML, XHTML or XML document.

What is RDFa – Resource Descriptive Framework in Attributes

The characteristics of RDFa contain:

  • about: Specifying the metadata resource
  • rel and rev: To establish a connection and reverse relation to another resource
  • src, href and resource: To indicate the resource of the partner
  • Content: Override the element content using the attribute for the property
  • Datatype: To specify the text data type to be used with the attribute Property
  • Type: To define the subject RDF type or companion resource


The implementation of microdata is comparable to RDFa and has the following attributes:

  • itemscope: Creates and displays the information on the rest of the item
  • Item: Description items with a valid vocabulary URL 
  • itemprop: To indicate the value of the contained tag
  • Itemid: To show the item’s unique ID
  • Item reference: The characteristics of an element not included in the itemscope. This lists the ID elements having other features in the document elsewhere.

What is JSON-LD – Javascript Object Notation for Linked Objects 

This annotation style may be implemented by placing a schema directly on a Web document’sortag. The notation uses the attributes “@context” and “@type” to define the vocabulary. As it fits right in thetag, JSON-LD is the easiest approach for newcomers to construct a schema.

How to Make the Schema for Your HTML

A few tools, such as the structured data markup helper of Google, facilitate the creation and deployment of schema on your existing sites in JSON-LD and Microdata. 

All you have to do is highlight the items you want to mark up on your page. Then, sign them and hit Creating HTML, and the code will be generated for you to place on your site.

Schema Markup Generators 

Some of the better free online schema markup generators can be tried if you are prepared to begin adding schema to your website.

  1. Hall Analysis schema markup generator allows you to construct an element of JSON-LD code to fit in your HTML website in order to insert information regarding the local business, personal, product, event, organization or website. This generator is straightforward to use and is ideal for owners of all types of websites.
  2. Google Structured Data Marking Helper: An interactive tool that allows you to click or email your website, choose and mark every item on your page.
  3. Another wonderful basic tool particularly useful for local companies is Microdata
  4. Merkle Schema Generator can be exported in JSON-LD or microdata forms. 
limeroad schema markup

Schema Markup Testing Tools

If you want to see whether you are doing it properly, you also have a number of useful schema testing tools to combine your website and warn you about the misuse of the markup language.

Schema Markup Validator

You can test bundles with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool after you have included the scheme to your HTML. Then, drag and drop your website or code line to check for mistakes or warnings.

Importance of

The entire purpose of arranging your data is to better communicate with search engines such as Google. If Google understands entities at a higher level, it helps searchers achieve better results. Items, including cards, snippets, and the SERPs, display knowledge graphs after collecting structured information.

Schema Markup Benefits to Google

Think this way – as long as your content tells Google what is on your website, your schema will help Google know what the content means on your website. How’s your content telling Google? Since the markup language indicates the connections in a document or on the webpage between concepts and entities. Therefore Schema Markup is very beneficial to Google.

Role of Schema in SEO

SEO gurus naturally ask this question always, and in this instance, the brief response is somewhat ‘well, not quite, but…’ One of the researchers found that by the end of 2019, there is still evidence of a direct impact of microdata on organic search rankings.

This does not mean, however, that microdata has no visibility influence. On the contrary, rich snippets enable your web page to get slightly greater prominence on the results page.

So, while you may not see a direct increase in the Organic Ranking of your page due to adding schemes, you could nevertheless get increased search traffic.

Schema Markup Benefits

Google has shown that correctly formatted data can improve your search results. Google can, for example, present recipes with the top 5-star rating of their results with structured evaluations.

Or, Google can show the songs a performer sings as a range of rich cards containing structured data about songs and albums.

Not only will it help to show your visual appearance in the results, but it will also assist you in adding structured data as “future proofs.”

The more structured the markups, the better for SEOs and marketers. This trend is referred to as “semantic SEO” by the implementation of structured data.

Final Words

This was all in this Schema Markup guide. You must have got the knowledge about how to use schema markup for seo and what are its benefits for SEO. So start implementing schema markups in your website and gain more audience.


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