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Tips to Become a Successful Travel Blogger

A travel blogger, also known as a travel writer, or just as a blogger, is someone around the world Collecting material for Writing about their travel experiences, deriving income from various on and offline Sources. Some do sponsor blogging in which sponsors decide the place and Sponsored according, and writers have to give details of that place by physically going there. 

Travel blogger maintain their sites to update their write-ups and provide information and exciting experiences and the good quality of photographs to attract people into the sites, which provide income and recognition.

They also give travel tips about bucket list items, luxury travel, or face off destinations like South Africa, New Zealand, Hawaii, Thailand, Colorado or New York City. The travel blogger must travel to a destination County for typically, a series of Countries.

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Although the actual process of travelling and blogging does not result in Salary, revenues can be obtained from a variety of methods.

Since many readers will likely turn to travel bloggers for advice related to budget travel, they will likely take the blogger’s recommendation and take through the blogger’s links and Suggestions.

Travel bloggers have demand among the hotel managers and owners as they Contract a blogger and offer them a free Stay in Exchange for a Positive feature about their property.

Other companies may offer the blogger free travel equipment or purchase banner advertising on the sure. Additionally, Completed features hosted on the Blog can be offered to print media who will Publish travel stories in exchange for Cash.


  • Organizing travel plan to Countries where the blogger intends to travel.
  • Making travel management.
  • Organizing visas and tickets where necessary.
  • Contracting potential advertisers to attempt to secure ongoing advertising.
  • Pitching travel features to tiny media.
  • Other arrangements at the local level.
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Travel Blogs Origins

The Blog Originated as a journal.

Like Webpage (Originally Called Weblog), people Could Write about everything topics, post their photos or videos, share Stories, recommend products, and generally, the Events of their daily lives available for others.

Since all that is needed in computer and internet connection ⁸to the Blog, blogs started to become more diverse in the topics, they concerned after a while. Although blogging started as a hobby for most people, many soon realized it Could be a regular job. They began Continually maintain and Work on blog content

When People began to realize the popularity of travelling and blogging Simultaneously, travel blogs Started to appear Worldwide. Bloggers who Combined their two passions began to recognize that it is possible to make a living out of it.

Skills And Qualifications Required to Become a Travel Blogger

There are no academic requirements for travel blogging. Many people chose this option because they lack sufficient qualifications; they often travel in between breaks and Vacations, which gathers Knowledge and Experience and at the same time, experiences are adding to their CV.

Experience, however, is a different Story. From the first trip, the travel blogger will be accumulating experience on several levels. As blogging became a full-time job that requires significant investments of time and money, bloggers had to develop a Specific skill set to turn their pages into a Profitable business.

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Travel Blogger Tips

  1. At first, they should know how to Write fresh and Exciting Content on various social media channels.
  2. How to edit photos to match With the Blog’s ideas and develop Aesthetic.
  3. Understood how to Use Web-hosted blogging Services Such as World Press and Twitter.
  4. Should know Various ways to fit videos and graphics to create interest among the audience.
  5. They need to know page Optimization for Google search. 
  6. Should have a good relationship with the brands when they are Collaborating. 

Travel Bloggers of India

  • Shivya Nath
  • Karthik Reddy
  • Anuradha Goyal
  • Lakshmi Sharath
  • Arnab Maity
  • Paranashree Devi
  • Deepak Patel
  • Dan Flying solo
  • A Broken Backpack
  • The Blog Abroad

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