career in law

Career in Law


Law as a profession is very rewarding and prestigious. If any student wants to start a career in law, then it is very profitable, and those who opt for law as a career are great professionals and wanted to achieve something huge in their career. The career in law is very satisfying, rewarding, and intriguing. A career in law has a very wide scope and touches every part of our lives. It is such a branch that touches every stream, be it science, agriculture, medical, pharmacy, etc. 

A career in law is highly respected, and also it promises great opportunities for the future. Law is challenging, and it requires to get the amount of hardwork and labour to succeed. This will ultimately increase one’s knowledge in the field and promote one’s intellectual idea based on it. Law is undoubtedly a rewarding profession. It is considered to be one of the noblest and royal profession. Law is usually to upheld justice which is considered to be very commendable. Choosing law as a career is not just focusing on being a good lawyer. Rather it opens to wide prospects of scopes. Today, the law is confined to being a lawyer; rather, numerous laurels are attached. 

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Advantages of Career in Law

A strong foundation for further studies:

A career in law helps to build a strong foundation for further studies. Many courses include legal studies along with other studies for the betterment and enhancement of all-rounder leaders. Ultimately law as a career is very useful and demanding as it applies to all other fields and builds a strong opinion.

Wide-ranging career options:

A career in law is very wide and lucrative. Any law graduate can take a job in any government, public or private sector or join as a criminal prosecutor. Also, a law graduate can go for judiciary entrance exams to become a magistrate who is highly respected in society. Also can opt for higher studies like LLM, PhD or LLD. It can also go for many areas in law like real estate, domestic law, international law, business law, etc.

Progress and Opportunity:

In the last few years, the law as a profession has evolved to be a stunning profession. Various job prospects are made available along with a handsome salary and the highest respect in society. There has been a massive growth in the legal profession for few years. 

Financial Rewards:

Career in law is considered one of the most rewarding and profitable profession. The progress made in these few years has given rise to handsome salaries and good opportunities. Those who have gained a great amount of knowledge are considered intellectual and witty. There are lawyers, judges, and high-ranking management positions like law firm administrators and litigation support directors. 

career in law

Jobs in Law

Criminal Lawyer:

Specially specialises in criminal laws like CrPC, IPC, Evidence Act and other penal laws.

Civil Litigation Lawyer:

Specialises in civil laws like taxation laws and excise laws.

Legal Analyst:

Mainly works for corporate firms and law firms and deals with laws about the company and its operation.

Document Drafting Lawyer:

Specialises in drafting documents about terms and conditions of other agreements and cases.

Legal Journalist:

Mainly deals with crime beats, legal proceedings in courts, arbitration courts and international courts.

Legal Advisor:

Offers consultancy to corporate firms dealing with any legal problems, duties or legal relations with other firms.

Government Lawyer:

Government works.


Most prestigious profession upholding and delivering justice.


Making a career in law requires a large amount of patience and logical skills. It takes a massive amount of labour to become a successful lawyer. Great communication skills, as well as writing skills, is required to become a successful one. So it is necessary to bear every kind of problems and finally be successful in the career. 


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